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IGNOU Courses List 2024 – Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers a various number of courses not only in India but also in some foreign countries over the world. The university provides online and distances education to all students, but IGNOU is currently focusing more on distance courses.

IGNOU is one of the largest universities in the world, and every year lakh of students took enrollment in the university’s various degree or certificate programs. There are many courses offered by IGNOU, so students can take admission after completion of 10+2 (or its equivalent) or graduation, so take a look at the list to start your further studies.

IGNOU Courses [Distance] – Session 2024

Indira Gandhi Open University offers various courses in degree, post-graduate, and certificate programmes. Eligible students can easily take admission online by submitting the form or offline via regional centres. And students can complete their studies or degree through distance learning. IGNOU is constantly working on the expansion of the courses that students take for admission and completer their studies and pursue careers in that field.

IGNOU conducts the process of admission twice a year which is at the beginning and mid of the year. Students have the option to get admission to the university in the January admission session or in the July admission session for their interesting program. However, in IGNOU students can apply for one or more programs at a time.

We have listed all programs important details provides by IGNOU, in terms of getting all the latest information you can visit the university’s official website and we also recommend downloading the latest IGNOU prospectus, where you will get the details of the program like eligibility criteria, program free structure, and others.

IGNOU Bachelor Degree Courses 2024

CodeName of the ProgramProgram Fee
BAECH (CBCS)BA Honours in Economics₹ 11,400/-
BAEGH (CBCS)BA Honours in English₹ 11,400/-
BAHDH (CBCS)BA Honours in Hindi₹ 14,400/-
BAHIH (CBCS)BA Honours in History₹ 11,400/-
BAPSH (CBCS)BA Honours in Political Science₹ 11,400/-
BAPCH (CBCS)BA Honours in Psychology₹ 11,400/-
BAPAH (CBCS)BA Honours in Public Administration₹ 11,400/-
BASOH (CBCS)BA Honours in Sociology₹ 11,400/-
BAVTM (CBCS)BA Vocational Studies in Tourism Management₹ 12,000/-
BSc (Old)Bachelor in Science₹ 13,500/-
BA (Old)Bachelor of Arts₹ 8,100/-
BAG (CBCS)Bachelor of Arts (General)₹ 9,900/-
BTSBachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies₹ 11,400/-
BCom (Old)Bachelor of Commerce₹ 8,100/-
BCOMG (CBCS)Bachelor of Commerce (General)₹ 9,900/-
BCom A&F (Old)Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Accountancy and Finance₹ 8,100/-
BCABachelor of Computer Applications₹ 36,000/-
BEdBachelor of Education₹ 55,000/-
BLISBachelor of Library and Information Science₹ 7,700/-
BAPFHMHBachelor of Performing Arts – Hindustani Music (Honours)₹ 27,600/-
BSCANH (CBCS)Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Anthropology)₹ 18,000/-
BSCBCH (CBCS)Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biochemistry₹ 43,500/-
BSW (Old)Bachelor of Social Work₹ 16,200/-
BSWG (CBCS)Bachelor of Social Work (General)₹ 17,400/-
BSCG (CBCS)Bachelor of Science (General)₹ 14,700/-
BBARLBBA in Retailing₹ 27,000/-
BBASMBBA in Services Management₹ 60,000/-
BCom CA&A (Old)BCom with Major in Corporate Affairs and Administration₹ 8,100/-
BCom F&CA (Old)BCom with Major in Financial and Cost Accounting₹ 8,100/-
BScNPBPost Basic Bachelor in Science Nursing₹ 54,000/-

IGNOU Master Degree Courses List 2024

CodeName of the ProgramProgram Fee
MADEMA in Distance Education₹ 11,000/-
MAGDMA in Gender and Development Studies₹ 9,600/-
MAPCMA in Psychology₹ 18,600/-
MATSMA in Translation Studies₹ 9,600/-
MSWMA in Social Work₹ 36,000/-
MSWCMaster of Social Work in Counselling₹ 36,000/-
MECMA in Economics₹ 16,400/-
MEGMA in English₹ 12,000/-
MHDMA in Hindi₹ 12,600/-
MAHMA in History₹ 12,600/-
MAPYMA in Philosophy₹ 12,600/-
MPSMA in Political Science₹ 12,600/-
MPAMA in Public Administration₹ 12,600/-
MARDMA in Rural Development₹ 11,000/-
MSOMA in Sociology₹ 12,600/-
MAAEMA in Adult Education₹ 12,800/-
MAGPSMA in Gandhi and Peace Studies₹ 9,600/-
MAEduMA in Education₹ 18,400/-
MBAMaster of Business Administration₹ 42,000/-
MComMaster of Commerce₹ 15,600/-
MCom BP & CGMCom in Business Policy and Corporate Governance₹ 15,000/-
MCom F&TMCom in Finance & Taxation₹ 15,000/-
MCom MA & FSMCom in Management Accounting & Financial Strategies₹ 15,000/-
MCA (New)Master of Computer Applications₹ 48,000/-
MLISMaster of Library and Information Science₹ 10,800/-
MScDFSMMSc in Dietetics and Food Service Management₹ 32,400/-
MScCFTMSc in Counseling and Family Therapy₹ 33,600/-
MAANMA in Anthropology₹ 17,200/-
MACSMSc in Mathematics with Applications in Computer Science₹ 26,400/-
MADVSMA in Development Studies₹ 11,400/-
MTTMMaster of Tourism & Travel Management₹ 12,600/-
MAWGSMA in Women’s and Gender Studies₹ 13,000/-
MAJMCMA in Journalism and Mass Communication₹ 25,000/-
MSKMaster of Arts in Sanskrit₹ 13,200/-
MSCENVMaster of Science (Environmental Science)₹ 15,000/-
MAERMaster of Arts (Entrepreneurship)₹ 15,700/-
MSCISMaster of Science (Information Security)₹ 43,200/-

IGNOU Diploma Courses List 2024

CodeName of the ProgramProgram Fee
DAQDiploma in Aquaculture₹ 6,900/-
DBPOFADiploma in BPO Finance & Accounting₹ 19,200/-
DCEDiploma in Creative Writing in English₹ 3,800/-
DCCNDiploma in Critical Care Nursing ₹ 5,300/-
DDTDiploma in Dairy Technology₹ 15,200/-
DECEDiploma in Early Childhood Care and Education₹ 3,000/-
DFPTDiploma in Fish Products Technology ₹ 9,600/-
DAFEDiploma in HIV and Family Education₹ 1,500/-
DMTDiploma in Meat Technology₹ 12,700/-
DNADiploma in Nursing Administration₹ 9,600/-
DNHEDiploma in Nutrition and Health Education₹ 3,000/-
DPLADDiploma in Panchayat Level Administration & Development₹ 3,600/-
DIPPDiploma in Paralegal Practice₹ 7,400/-
DTGDiploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language₹ 6,300/-
DTSDiploma in Tourism Studies₹ 4,500/-
DULDiploma in Urdu₹ 1,600/-
DVAPFVDiploma in Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables ₹ 12,700/-
DPVCPODiploma in Value-added Products from Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds₹ 11,700/-
DWMDiploma in Watershed Management ₹ 10,600/-
DWEDDiploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development₹ 3,600/-
DEVMTDiploma in Event Management₹ 8,000/-
DIRDiploma in Retailing₹ 8,000/-
DPVEDiploma in Value Education₹ 4,000/-
DTHDiploma in Theatre Arts₹ 7,700/-
DMOPDiploma in Modern Office Practice₹ 6,000/-

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma Courses List 2024

CodeName of the ProgramProgram Fee
PGDACPG Diploma in Analytical Chemistry Rs 9,600/-
PGDAPPPG Diploma in Audio Programme ProductionRs 10,600/-
PGDASTPG Diploma in Applied StatisticsRs 7,600/-
PGDAWPost Graduate Diploma in Animal WelfareRs 5,400/-
PGDBPPG Diploma in Book PublishingRs 8,000/-
PGDCAPG Diploma in Computer ApplicationsRs 21,600/-
PGDCFTPG Diploma in Counselling and Family TherapyRs 16,800/-
PGDCJPG Diploma in Criminal JusticeRs 10,800/-
PGDCOUNPG Diploma in Social Work CounsellingRs 13,200/-
PGDCSRPost Graduate Diploma in Corporate Social ResponsibilityRs 7,000/-
PGDDMPG Diploma in Disaster Management Rs 6,300/-
PGDDVSPG Diploma in Development StudiesRs 5,000/-
PGDEMAPG Diploma in Educational Management and Administration Rs 7,000/-
PGDEOHPG Diploma in Environmental and Occupational HealthRs 5,900/-
PGDESDPG Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development Rs 7,000/-
PGDETPG Diploma in Education TechnologyRs 6,600/-
PGDFCSPG Diploma in Folklore and Culture StudiesRs 2,400/-
PGDFSQMPG Diploma in Food Safety and Quality ManagementRs 14,400/-
PGDGMPG Diploma in Geriatric MedicineRs 26,000/-
PGDGPSPG Diploma in Gandhi and Peace StudiesRs 3,700/-
PGDHEPG Diploma in Higher EducationRs 3,000/-
PGDHHMPG Diploma in Hospital and Health ManagementRs 25,200/-
PGDHIVMPG Diploma in HIV MedicineRs 60,000/-
PGDIBOPG Diploma in International Business Operations Rs 8,200/-
PGDIPRPG Diploma in Intellectual Property RightsRs 10,200/-
PGDISPG Diploma in Information SecurityRs 21,600/-
PGDLANPG Diploma in Library Automation and Networking Rs 17,000/-
PGDMCHPG Diploma in Maternal and Child HealthRs 30,000/-
PGDMHPG Diploma in Mental HealthRs 8,000/-
PGDPMPG Diploma In Plantation ManagementRs 5,900/-
PGDPPEDPG Diploma in Pre Primary EducationRs 9,600/-
PGDPSMPG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales Management Rs 7,400/-
PGDRDPG Diploma in Rural Development Rs 2,400/-
PGDSLMPG Diploma in School Leadership and ManagementRs 6,000/-
PGDSSPG Diploma in Sustainability ScienceRs 6,200/-
PGDTPG Diploma in TranslationRs 4,000/-
PGDUPDLPG Diploma in Urban Planning and DevelopmentRs 6,000/-
PGDWGSPG Diploma in Women’s & Gender StudiesRs 6,500/-
PGJMCPG Diploma in Journalism and Mass CommunicationRs 12,500/-

IGNOU Certificate Courses List 2024

CodeName of the Program Program Fee
ACEAppreciation Course on EnvironmentRs 1,100/-
ACISEAdvanced Certificate in Information SecurityRs 5,400/-
ACPDMAdvanced Certificate in Power Distribution ManagementRs 1,000/-
ACPSDAppreciation Course on Population and Sustainable DevelopmentRs 1,000/-
APDFAwareness Programme on Dairy Farming for Rural FarmersRs 1,100/-
APVPFVAwareness Programme on Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables Rs 1,000/-
BPPBachelor Preparatory ProgrammeRs 1,200/-
CAFECertificate in HIV and Family EducationRs 1,000/-
CAHTCertificate in Anti Human TraffickingRs 1,300/-
CALCertificate in the Arabic LanguageRs 1,800/-
CBSCertificate in Business SkillsRs 3,200/-
CCHCertificate in Community HealthRs 15,000/-
CCITSKCertificate in Communication and IT Skills Rs 5,700/-
CCLBLCertificate in Co-operation, Co-operative LawRs 7,400/-
CCPCertificate in Consumer ProtectionRs 1,800/-
CCPDCertificate of Competency in Power DistributionRs 3,200/-
CCRCertificate in Community RadioRs 5,900/-
CDMCertificate in Disaster Management Rs 2,600/-
CESCertificate in Environmental StudiesRs 2,400/-
CETMCertificate in Energy Technology and ManagementRs 2,700/-
CFAIDCertificate in First AidRs 3,000/-
CFDECertificate in Fashion DesignRs 5,000/-
CFECertificate Programme in Functional EnglishRs 4,000/-
CFLCertificate in the French LanguageRs 6,600/-
CFNCertificate in Food and Nutrition Rs 1,400/-
CGCACertificate in Geriatric Care AssistanceRs 6,500/-
CGDACertificate in General Duty AssistanceRs 6,000/-
CGLCertificate in the German LanguageRs 2,500/-
CHBHCCertificate in Home Based Health CareRs 2,400/-
CHCWMCertificate in Health Care Waste ManagementRs 2,700/-
CHHACertificate in Home Health AssistanceRs 6,000/-
CHRCertificate in Human RightsRs 2,600/-
CIBCertificate in Bee KeepingRs 1,400/-
CIGCertificate in GuidanceRs 2,000/-
CIHLCertificate in International Humanitarian LawRs 2,400/-
CISCertificate in SericultureRs 4,200/-
CITCertificate in Information TechnologyRs 6,000/-
CJLCertificate Programme in the Japanese LanguageRs 5,500/-
CKLCCertificate in Korean Language & CultureRs 2,500/-
CLISCertificate in Library and Information ScienceRs 3,000/-
CLTACertificate Programme on Life and Thought of B.R. AmbedkarRs 800/-
CMADCertificate Program in Mobile Application DevelopmentRs 5,000/-
CMCHNCertificate in Maternal and Child Health NursingRs 5,900/-
CNCCCertificate in Nutrition and ChildcareRs 2,000/-
CNINCertificate in Newborn & Infant NursingRs 5,900/-
CNMCertificate in NGO ManagementRs 1,800/-
COFCertificate in Organic Farming Rs 4,800/-
CPABNCertificate in Performing Arts – BharatnatyamRs 3,600/-
CPAHMCertificate in Performing Arts – Hindustani MusicRs 3,600/-
CPAKMCertificate in Performing Arts – Karnatak MusicRs 3,600/-
CPATHACertificate In Performing Arts -Theatre Arts Rs 3,600/-
CPELCertificate in the Persian LanguageRs 1,600/-
CPFCertificate in Poultry FarmingRs 3,600/-
CPHACertificate in Phlebotomy AssistanceRs 7,500/-
CPLTCertificate Programme in Laboratory TechniquesRs 4,200/-
CPSCMCertificate in Peace Studies and Conflict ManagementRs 3,500/-
CPVECertificate Programme In Value Education Rs 1,800/-
CPYCertificate Program in YogaRs 5,000/-
CRDCertificate Programme in Rural DevelopmentRs 1,800/-
CRULCertificate in the Russian LanguageRs 2,500/-
CSLCCertificate in Spanish Language & CultureRs 4,500/-
CSWCJSCertificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System Rs 1,300/-
CSWMCertificate in Solid Waste ManagementRs 3,600/-
CTECertificate in Teaching English as a Second Language Rs 2,400/-
CTPMCertificate Programme Teaching of Primary School MathematicsRs 1,800/-
CTRBSCertificate in Tribal StudiesRs 900/-
CTSCertificate in Tourism StudiesRs 2,000/-
CULCertificate in the Urdu LanguageRs 1,200/-
CVAACertificate in Visual Arts – Applied ArtsRs 3,600/-
CVAPCertificate in Visual Arts – PaintingRs 3,600/-
CWHMCertificate in Water Harvesting and Management Rs 2,400/-
GSTAwareness Programme on Goods and Services TaxRs 3,500/-

IGNOU Post Graduate Certificate Courses List 2024

CodeName of the ProgramProgram Fee
PGCAEPG Certificate in Adult EducationRs 3,200/-
PGCAPPG Certificate in Agriculture PolicyRs 3,600/-
PGCBHTPG Certificate in Bangla-Hindi Translation Rs 1,600/-
PGCCCPG Certificate in Climate ChangeRs 3,800/-
PGCCLPG Certificate in Cyber LawRs 3,800/-
PGCGIPG Certificate in Geo-InformaticsRs 6,000/-
PGCGPSPG Certificate in Gandhi and Peace StudiesRs 2,200/-
PGCIATIVIPG Certificate in Information and Assistive Technology for Instructors of Visually ImpairedRs 5,400/-
PGCINDSPost Graduate Certificate in Industrial SafetyRs 6,000/-
PGCIPWSPost Graduate Certificate in Inventory Planning and Warehousing for EngineersRs 15,000/-
PGCMDMPG Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE DisastersRs 5,500/-
PGCMHTPG Certificate in Malayalam-Hindi TranslationRs 1,600/-
PGCPPPG Certificate in Patent PracticeRs 8,500/-

FAQs About Ignou Courses

Are Ignou courses valid abroad?

IGNOU is an Indian government recognised academic institute, and valid in the whole country as well as foreign universities.

Are Ignou courses UGC approved?

IGNOU is a central university recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC) India.

Is Ignou’s degree valid?

Yes, IGNOU’s degree is valid and recognized by UGC.

How to apply for Ignou courses?

IGNOU conducts the admission process twice a year, you can submit your admission application in multiple programmes at a time.

How to attend Ignou classes?

You have to take admission first on IGNOU, and then you will get all the information about when or how to attend. For more details, you have to contact your study centre.

What courses are offered by Ignou?

IGNOU offers over 200+ courses in different academic fields. At Sarkar Academy, we have listed all IGNOU courses and the fee structures.

Which Ignou course is best?

It depends on you, which academic field you like. You can take admission in any course you like, and we hope it would be best for you.

Does Ignou provide regular courses?

Students can opt for regular courses or online or even distance courses. IGNOU offers over 200+ courses in undergraduate, post-graduate, certificate, PhD, and management courses. Check out Ignou courses.

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